The Day of the Dude


Another great movie and another birthday: The Big Lebowski, sweet sixteen. Three years ago I was in a hotel room in Phoenix chatting to Jeff Bridges, like you do, and what was going through my mind the whole time was how much he looked and sounded like a surfer bum who had won the lottery, or like a mellow stoner with a penchant for philosophy, or a cool ageing hippie, or…. well there was no way of getting around it, because what he exactly looked and sounded like was the Dude! “I do have a bit of the Dude in me”, Jeff said, reading my mind, before going on to tell me a story about Ronnie Hawkins and the Hells Angels that’s so wild I’d probably end up in a ditch at the side of the road if I tell you. Oh and we talked about ukuleles too and all sorts of stuff – but someone told me my blog posts are too long (grrr!) so I’ll just share one of them. Here is Jeff Bridges’ ‘Beatle Moment’.

“I had my Beatle moment when I played the Lebowski Fest. Have you heard about these fests? They go on for two days! I put a band together to play there and it was like Waaaaaah!  – I was playing to a sea of dudes and bowling pins and people all dressed up in all the costumes, and you could hardly hear the music. “

The Dude most definitely abides.


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