TV – uncut

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Sitting here on a scorching hot San Francisco day looking at footage shot on a freezing cold San Francisco night only a few weeks ago. The TV show Thelma Blitz carved out of it for her Manhattan Public Access programme is up on my website in the ‘Sounds’ section, if you want to watch. And if you have, and you want to see more of Joseph Pope’s perfect curls, hear more questions answered, see some rare photos of Leonard Cohen and witness his biographer playing a one-hand version of Bird on the Wire on a celeste (the other hand being otherwise engaged with a beer bottle), here’s a link to the uncut, one-hour tape.

New York Times bestseller!

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Right, here’s what to do. Clench your right fist into a ball. Stick your right arm straight up, by the side of your ear. Then, when the clock strikes ten  Pacific Time, channel your inner Rocky and punch the air with me. My book’s made the NY Times best seller list!

Yes, that was the sound of corks popping. It’s been that kind of day. Still feeling the afterglow a great evening at Gatsby’s bookshop in Long Beach last night (really nice place, really nice crowd). And tomorrow morning I’ll be driving over to Bob Johnston’s for a visit. Bob is a legend in rock music, d the producer of a large pile of the greatest albums of all time ( Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel and Leonard Cohen). At age 80 he’s still making record s – and still hates the suits he reckons ruined the music business. The last time I saw him, around Spring of last year,  I read him some chapters from my book manuscript  – the ones starring him – and then we sat on the porch and sang ‘Avalanche’ together – from ‘Songs of Love and Hate’, one of the three Cohen albums Bob produced  – my uke drowned out by the sound of planes coming into land on the nearby LAX flight path. This time, he says, he wants to discuss a “scheme”. Uh-oh, this will be  interesting…..