Not just a gun but dancing

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

“I’ve been working on a second book of short stories, whenever I can grab some time. They’re turning out to be very different from Too Weird For Ziggy (or Too Weird For Iggy, as it was originally called, before Iggy Pop’s former manager said it was too weird for Iggy and I had to change the title!). These new stories are strange in a different way, more pensive, and very short.

“Anyway, I was asked by the musician/writer Lori Carson to contribute a story to her short story magazine Three Am Analog http://threeamanalog.comb which features musicians who write – or maybe writers who make music; I’m never sure which of the two I am! This is the story Lori chose: ‘Not Just A Gun But Dancing’.” – Sylvie