TV – uncut

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Sitting here on a scorching hot San Francisco day looking at footage shot on a freezing cold San Francisco night only a few weeks ago. The TV show Thelma Blitz carved out of it for her Manhattan Public Access programme is up on my website in the ‘Sounds’ section, if you want to watch. And if you have, and you want to see more of Joseph Pope’s perfect curls, hear more questions answered, see some rare photos of Leonard Cohen and witness his biographer playing a one-hand version of Bird on the Wire on a celeste (the other hand being otherwise engaged with a beer bottle), here’s a link to the uncut, one-hour tape.

Leonard Cohen, a punk rocker, noodle soup…and bass players

Monday, October 15th, 2012

So here it is, or will be tonight, the TV show I blogged about last month, a film shot by one celebrated bass player friend – Joseph Pope, ex punk band Angst – in the studio of another celebrated bass player friend – Eric Drew Feldman (Captain Beefheart, PJ Harvey, Frank Black etc), who is in turn married to another bass player friend, Colleen Browne. Bass players, I don’t do this often enough, I know, but I salute you.
We sent the film to Thelma Blitz in New York – Thelma doesn’t play bass so far as I know, but she is a fine woman, a revolutionary soul and, judging by this, a very good film editor – and it’ll be on her Revolting News show on New York public access TV at 10pm EST. You can watch it online too. Here’re the details. Let me know what you think!

Time Warner Cable–ch.56
RCN Cable—Ch. 83
Verizon FiOS– ch. 34
Worldwide, it is live streamed on the net at: >watch now> ch. 2

I’ll close with a photo from last weekend in San Francisco at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass -a pic of me with another celebrated bass player, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones [photo credit: aforementioned bass player Eric Drew Feldman]

John Paul Jones

Leonard, a punk rocker and noodle soup

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Last night, a cold night in San Francisco, so cold we had to bravely go find a late-night dive on Haight St and sit in bowls of noodle soup to thaw out, we made a video. I and Joseph Pope – former bass player with legendary punk band Angst (much-loved by Frank Black/Black Francis of the Pixies) and the possessor of several Grammies, not to mention hair Robert Plant would kill for, sat in front of a borrowed camera (we weren’t able to borrow a cameraman) and tried to recorded an interview about Leonard Cohen. The day had been a bit of slog, having to answer some less and thrilling questions (yes someone did actually ask, ‘How old is Leonard Cohen?’ and ‘Did he really live by the seaside in Greece’? It reminded me of a press conference I was at back in the ’80s, with Eric Clapton, and one woman calling out from the audience, ‘And what instrument do you play?’ True, horribly true). And so talking and laughing with someone smart and funny was a fine way to spend an evening. Thelma Blitz is going to do some magic with the footage and then it’ll find its way onto Manhattan Public Access TV.