an organised mind

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Things I managed to lose on the last leg of my book tour:

– two guitar/uke cables (specifically one cable, two different occasions)
– a purple folder full of paper
– any recollection of what those papers were
– a copy of my book with post-it notes picking out the parts I wanted to read
– toothpaste (how does a person lose toothpaste?)
– any belief I might have had in my organisational skills.

Writers don’t get out much – well, okay, music journalists do, we’re tossed all over the place, but writers of 600 page books tend to spend a lot of time within the same four walls, staring at just one of them, which tends to be blank, or have a calendar pinned on it on which you’ve covered the picture of a calm Alpine scene with pictures of- um, let’s see – Johnny Cash in Folsom Prison (September) and a xerox of a naked Iggy Pop (October). But mostly my roadying skills have been restricted to organising my book, my computer desktop and keeping the fridge supplied with chocolate and wine.

Serge Gainsbourg’s refrigerator, I remember Jane Birkin telling me for my book ‘A Fistful of Gitanes,’ had a glass door, so that he could easily check to see that everything in side was in the right place, neat and tidy. Everything in the house they shared had its own designated place and woe betide anyone who moved it. Leonard Cohen, who was acquainted with Gainsbourg, has a similar taste for order – he didn’t have a see-through fridge in his kitchen, but the room, like the rest of his small home, was ship-shape – much more simply-furnished than Serge’s, but extremely tidy, ship-shape. Each of them said, in so many words, that they needed order in their environment to counter the disorder in their head.

Anyway, not long before I go back on the road. I’ll try and develop some organisational skills in the meantime.