Snake-shot Saturday

Throwback Thursday is so… throwback. So I came up with Snakeshot Saturday. And to mark its inauguration, here’s a photo of me from, hmm, the mid 90s I think, with a snake named Sebastian.

He was a long snake, was Sebastian. The other two-thirds of him didn’t make it into the shot, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Sebastian lived in Los Angeles with a good friend of mine. When he first turned up at her house he was baby and, while construction was underway on a grand serpentarium, he lived in a large, lidded aquarium in the guest room. One night when I was staying in that room, Sebastian managed to push the lid off the tank and crawl out and into bed with me. First I knew about it was when she found us in the morning side by side and fast asleep.

I never much liked snakes – still don’t – but Sebastian and me, I guess you could say we had an understanding. And yet  for all the years that I knew him, we never slept together again.

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