Postcards from the Mexican Riviera

Hi! There’s nothing like going  a rock festival where you have to pack a swimsuit and snorkel as well as the other essentials (ukulele). This one’s called One Big Holiday and is being held in the Hard Rock Hotel, a seaside resort near Cancun. Indoors there’s rock memorabilia, outdoors there’s pools with cocktail bars that you can swim up to, so I can be healthy and unhealthy all at the same time. And tonight I’ll be seeing the first of My Morning Jacket’s three headline shows on an outdoor stage backing onto the ocean. I think I’m going to like it here! sylvie x

Brilliant opening show last night – stars in the sky, sea breeze on my face, Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead onstage with MMJ, jamming. Bob’s band Furthur played a festival here last week called Paradise Waits and he doesn’t seem to want to go home. This morning I breakfasted on fresh papayas and guavas and went for a run on a white sand beach, the air so soft you want to cuddle it. There’s a few special activities going on during daylight hours –  bingo, karaoke, outdoors yoga, the sort of stuff you’d expect at family resorts or on senior citizen cruises, not  indie rockers. But here’s Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips – MMJ’s special; guests – judging a lip-synch competition. He’s doing a good job of it too, if anyone’s looking for a cooler,  better-looking replacement for Simon Cowell. Here he is in his swimmies, singing along to and critiquing the contestant who tackled Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer. I’m sending you a pic of me standing next to Gene Simmons’clothes. And one of Wayne Coyne sitting without clothes.sylvie x


I’m standing in a lagoon, where I’m up to my waist in warm saltwater, with 50lb of whitebait swimming in circles around me. Everywhere I look there are pale thin people with tattoos and beards and ironic sunglasses. Uh-oh, I appear to have been misfiled in the Portland lagoon. Oh look, here’s Bob Weir again! “Some of my best friends are fishes”, he says. Can’t argue with that. sylvie x

Flaming Lips in confetti ban horror! Er not really, but it’s true they were told not to bring the exploding confetti machine – probably a good idea when the stage is that close to the water, unless they make the confetti out of algae or whatever fishes eat. Some of the proceeds of the festival  have gone to various conservation and environmental groups in the area, which is a great idea. I just walked past the stage they (the Lips, not the fish) were sound checking Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. It sounds gorgeous. And I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Wayne when he wasn’t wearing a swimsuit. He says that Bob Weir took MMJ’s Jim James snorkeling and that he (Bob) is going to go skinny-dipping with him after tonight’s show. Wonder if there’s a flash on my iPad camera…? sylvie x

I took a selfie this morning, lying on a hammock with my uke, singing a song. I’m having such a hard, hard time (!), to quote a wonderful song by Brian Lopez, ‘Pray For Rain’. It rained here for ten minutes today, but the sun came straight back out and the air is sweeter than ever, soft and pillowed. Life is pretty damn good sometimes. sylvie x

Well it’s time to go home. I’m writing this last card on a bus headed for the airport, full of indie rock fans and an older couple who it turns out are the drummer from MMJ’s mum and stepdad.  The driver’s playing a mixtape of golden hits of the Seventies, which wouldn’t be my choice of hangover music but  people here and there are gamely singing along to Bonnie Tyler and England Dan & John Ford Coley.  I’ll be back in San Francisco some time after midnight, which gives me a day to write my review for MOJO then head back to the airport to fly to Tucson and finish my album. See you soon, Love, sylvie xx




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