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Just found these hiding under the desktop equivalent of a stone. They made me smile. Here’s Books In The City, NZ, on the  gig with Don McGlashan that I mentioned two blogs down:

New Zealand Listener Gala Night – two superstar events, the lunch with Sir Max Hastings and the concert by Leonard Cohen biographer, journalist and rock chick Sylvie Simmons plus New Zealand’s own Don McGlashan, sold out. At the Opening Night Party a number of tales were being told of the machinations and subterfuges being used by frustrated Cohen-Simmons-McGlashan fans attempting to procure a place at the latter. I’m not sure if Max Hastings fans were doing the same; they might be thinking of just walking on in, as Sir Max famously walked on in to Argentine-occupied Port Stanley ahead of the British troops during the Falklands war.

However you decide to do it, if you’re a reader you owe it to yourself to sample the wares. As Anne O’Brien promised the faithful tonight, “Seduction is waiting for you around every corner”. Or was that what Sylvie Simmons said when she was talking about her days as a rock journalist in the ’70s, adding, “Not going to happen, you knew where it’d been”.

And this is from a review of the show by Christchurch City Blog:

Sylvie Simmons and Don McGlashan and Leonard Cohen: “at the unpopular edge of pop music … where the most interesting stuff is”.

Last night Sylvie Simmons, Leonard Cohen’s biographer, and the awesome Don McGlashan joined forces. They sang their songs – and a few Cohen numbers. Sylvie played ukulele and Don the guitar, and they were introduced by music journalist Nick Bollinger.

Highlights of this rather chilled out and beautiful evening:

*Don enjoying doing an unplugged gig: “I normally wouldn’t tell that story, because there’d be a drummer behind me saying FFS.”

*On Keith Richards writing Satisfaction after a dream, Sylvie said wryly: “I haven’t woken up to satisfaction for a long time”.

*Don playing the euphonium (not, as I suggested “blowing into an upside down tuba”). I think this was done on a verse of Famous blue raincoat, but correct me if you were there [and] giving his guitar some astonishing effect pedal action on Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne.

Set list: This is London (Don)/ Midnight Cowboy (Sylvie) /Sisters of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)/ The Captain (Leonard Cohen)/  Famous blue raincoat (Leonard Cohen)/ Queen of the Night (Don)/ Hard Act to Follow (Sylvie)/ Marvellous year (Don)/  Who Knows Where Time Goes (Sylvie)/  Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)

Okay, that’s it for now, time to pack up and go home. See you soon.

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