New Year Rising


It was appropriate that Sylvie started the new year with a live appearance on a radio show called the Hangover Sessions: 2014 ended on an incredible high! Her self-titled debut album on Light In The Attic Records won rave reviews everywhere. The Guardian newspaper, in a full-page review, called it “One of the most beautiful, low-key albums of the year” – a sentiment echoed by The Times, The Sun and The Independent in the UK and by both MOJO magazine and Rolling Stone, as well as journalists, radio DJs, taste-makers and publications across the globe. Several included Sylvie on their lists of favourite records of the year. Even Ukulele Magazine hailed her for transforming “the happiest instrument in the world into a vehicle for bluesy songs full of startling beauty and intimacy.” In the Czech Republic, the album was nominated for a Tais Award (for independent and underground music), while Le Figaro newspaper in France named Sylvie as one of the key figures in a new wave of women folk singers who are “brilliantly renewing the genre”. Colombia’s main newspaper El Tiempo called her “the revelation of the year.”

Sylvie will be in Colombia on January 29th, appearing in Cartagena at the Hay Festival of the Americas, both as an author an as a musician! And yes, she’s still writing for MOJO, as well as working on a book of short stories.

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