German paperback coming in June

A soft-back edition of I’m Your Man: Das Leben des Leonard Cohen will be published in June by BTB/Random House –  725 pages in length, price 12.99 euros.




Happy New Year!

Hi, Sylvie here. Happy 2014!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be kind of sorry to see this year go. The best bit was spending a huge chunk of the year galavanting about the globe with my book and a ukulele, seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and doing almost 80 shows (and a bunch of radio appearances) without once getting booed offstage! So different from spending days and nights slumped over a computer keyboard (ah, the ‘glamourous’ life of a writer…). It’s hard to pick out the highlights of this year, there have been so many – shows in my old hometown of London, as well Los Angeles, Berlin, New York, Australia and New Zealand –  my first time there – and all sorts of amazing events in my new hometown of San Francisco. I’ve also been doing gigs performing my own songs  (hey, Cohen’s a hard act to follow!). I went into the studio with Howe Gelb/ Giant Sand to record an album. It’s in the rough mix stage right now, but I’ll get onto finishing it as soon as I’m done with some deadlines: a long feature for MOJO, the world’s best music magazine; an essay for Victoria Zackheim’s star-studden anthology ‘Faith; and the collection of short stories I started writing in the autumn as an antidote to writing a 600-page book!

Talking of which, Chinese, Finnish. Greek, Turkish, and Czech editions of my book will be coming out in 2014. As soon as I get dates and details, I’ll post them.

Oh and a big thankyou to the publications and writers who named ‘I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen’ one of the best books of 2013 (as well as 2012!!), from the august New York Times to my local gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender Bay Area Reporter.

Well, it’s not quite four in the morning yet, but it is definitely the end of December, so what better to close this post on than with Leonard Cohen’s ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’ – a song I love and which I’ve sung at more than 80 events this year with all sorts of wonderful guest musicians, but in this video, alone. It was shot at a tiny little venue that looked like it fell out of an Edward Hopper painting, or perhaps a David Lynch film, in a suburb of Sydney. You might want to fast forward 40 seconds because the sound is off at the start.

Thanks to all of you who’ve written to me about my book and its effect on your lives, or shown up at events and cheered me on when I felt nervous or far away from home. You’ve made me smile more often than I can say. I hope 2013 has been a good year for you, and that 2014 will be better still.

Stay in touch,

Sylvie xx



This week sees the release of two new editions of I’m Your Man: The Life of Cohen.

Canadian publisher McLelland and Stewart have published a large deluxe paperback edition (9×6″ with gatefold sleeves).

And for Leonard Cohen fans in Poland there’s a 600-page Polish language version, published by Wydawnictwo Marginesy, the same publishers that had a big hit last year with the Polish translation of Sylvie’s book Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes.

There are now eight non-English language versions of I’m Your Man in the bookstores: German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Polish and Hebrew.

They will be joined in the coming months by six more: Chinese, Finnish, Slovenian, Czech, Turkish and Greek.

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