Neil Young: Reflections in Broken Glass

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Canongate – limited edition hardback and paperback

Marking the new millennium, MOJO magazine launched a series of small hardback books, ‘MOJO Heroes,’ aimed at providing a concise but authoritative introduction to artists whom the editors of revered music magazine admired. Sylvie Simmons’ book on Neil Young, the second in the series, features interviews with Young’s friends and musicians and with Young itself, shedding new light on his family life, his childhood illnesses, his relationship with Charles Manson, and his singleminded devotion to his music and his work.

“A beautifully produced book which, even if you didn’t like Neil Young, you’d want to beg, borrow, or steal.” – Publishers Weekly

“Beginning with Young’s leaving Ontario for California, in March ’66 in his beat-up old hearse, Simmons traces the country-rock legend’s erratic progress as he switches bands at whim… and intriguingly brings to light Young’s surprisingly close relationship with Charles Manson. Simmons sensitively charts the way the darkness in Young’s life has underscored his prodigious recording career. … An unpretentious, effective profile by an author unafraid to voice her own opinions.” – Kirkus


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