Gone to Texas

Leonard Cohen fans, music fans, book lovers, fellow-writers, bill collectors, hell, anyone who wants to get hold of me or my book will find me in Austin, TX all next week. Leonard’s doing his first concert of the US tour in Austin on Halloween and there’s no way I was going to miss that. (Thank you, Roscoe.)

But I’ve got plenty to keep me occupied until then, and here’s a list to some where you can come and  buy a book if you want to, or just hang out and say hi.

Sat 27th Oct 9pm-9.45pm, at Shangri-La. Who could resist a place named Shangri-La? Probably the only good thing the Bushes ever did for Austin was when Laura Bush, Mrs George W, launched the Texas Book Festival. Not sure she had the Lit Crawl in mind, but I’m delighted to be a part of it. This event is a panel (a uke-free zone for the unbelievers amongst you!), a three-way biographerfest co-starring me, David Menconi (Ryan Adams) and Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac) and moderated by Raoul Hernandez. The term ‘moderator’ always it makes me think of an enforcer charged with calming down a mob of extremists. Judging by how rowdy things get at the ‘Authors Cocktail Party’ (Thank you Laura Bush; never thought I’d see myself writing that)  before the panel begins, a moderator might prove useful). Anyway come by, it’s free.
Tues 30th Oct 5pm, Waterloo Records, one of my favourite Austin record stores. Whenever I’m in town I seem to find some excuse to buy something, or see someone perform there. It’s also just across the road from the Ur-Whole Foods, a behemoth of healthy bowellry, where last time around I had some dreamy BBQ chicken. This one’s my gig – reading, book signing, Q&A, a Leonard Cohen song or two – no other biographers, but I’ll have a guest accompanist for my uke, Colin Gilmore, “the West Texan Nick Lowe”, a fine Austin singer-songwriter and son of that other Texan Gilmore, Jimmie Dale. This one’s free as well, leaving you more to spend on books and BBQ.
Also Tues 30th, straight after Waterloo,but at the Cactus Cafe at 7.30 PM, Cactus Cafe, I’ll be sharing a stage with Roscoe Beck, Leonard’s longtime musician and band leader, and various other members of Leonard’s current touring band, where we’ll be discussing the Art of Leonard Cohen,which is going to be recorded for local radio KUT. No tickets but they’re suggesting a $10 donation.
Right, off to practice the one phrase that an old Texan boyfriend taught me how to say with a Texan accent. I’d best not repeat it here.

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