Doors and windows

Sitting in a room in New Zealand,  staring out the window, listening online to a BBC radio show from England, and they’re playing The Doors. Light My Fire. It was the first song of theirs I ever heard. Ray Manzarek, the DJ said, was dead. 74. His age surprised me. It wasn’t long since I saw him, in San Francisco, and he looked much the same as he had in the ’60s, lean and intelligent – I would say professorial, except there was that edge. He told me once, back when he was a lad of 60 or so, that he was surprised he’d survived that long, and with good reason. I remember him saying that the musical high point of the Doors for him was L.A Woman, because it was “alive and free and young and wild.” The last words he told me were, “One only thinks about the eternal present and I’ve no idea what’s coming in the future. There’s never an end.” RIP Ray, and thanks for the music

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