Cohen, the Carpenters and calls from far-off lands

In Mumbai in the 90s, where he’d gone to study with a Vedanta guru, Leonard Cohen happened upon a record shop and decided to go in and ask if they had any Leonard Cohen albums. They did. He could find them, they told him, in the ‘Easy Listening’ section (filed in the same bin as the Carpenters). Some things you learn in the making of a book are not only mind-boggling but delightful.
So far I’ve had no calls from Indian newspapers asking for interviews or would-be publishers offering deals, but I’ve had no end of emails from China. Leonard, they’ve all told me, is huge in China. On Friday night, 15 hours behind Shanghai time, I did an interview with a charming journalist named Ting. Today, at only five hours difference, I had a lovely long phone call with a writer named Andre Barcinski from the biggest newspaper in Brazil – and all of them with this connection with, and their own conception of, Leonard Cohen.
Some people have written to ask if there are any more foreign language editions besides Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Well yes, there are, or there will be, some I can name, others I can only hint at, contracts being what they are, but I’m hoping to see it in Hebrew, Danish, Norse and Polish, possibly French too – details to come.
Wherever they are, I hope they’ll bring me over for a book tour. For now though, I’m going to be wandering around the US, and the left-hand side of Canada, with my uke and my book. If you’re going to be anywhere near Austin, New York, Toronto, Montreal or the beautiful Bay Area, come by and say hello.

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  1. CARL BRUSH says:

    I just finished I’m Your Man and did a little commentary on my website. Thought you might want to take a look. Maybe not, but if so, here’s the link.
    I also just stumbled on to your blog and find your writing just as fine. Thanks for the book.

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