Atlantic crossing

Hi, Sylvie here, writing this in the back of a New York cab, heading for the airport. I had a fabulous time in NYC. The Radio Silence show was a real treat, especially playing again with my pal Fred Nicolaus of Golden Suits – if you check the videos and links on the Leonard Cohen page you’ll see him performing with me at a whole bunch of shows I did in New York and Brooklyn on the book tour – and, at the end of the show, singing with the great Jim White, someone whose work I’ve admired and written about for many years.
Tomorrow I’ll be in London, seeing friends. Then off to Liverpool for the first gig of the UK tour! From there I’ll be speaking (and of course singing!) at a Leonard Cohen symposium in Winchester. Then back to London for two gigs with Jason McNiff and a bunch of live radio appearances. Check my tour page for details.
Meanwhile here’s a video I made with friends in Virginia City a few weeks ago. Well, really it was them that made it, I just turned up with my uke!

Drop me a line at and let me know what you think of it – and what song you’d like to see a video of next. Thanks and see you in London!

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